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Student Instrument Rentals from Old Town School Music Store

If you've signed-up for a class at Old Town School and need to rent an instrument, we're here to make it happen! All rentals are picked-up and returned at Old Town School Music Store, 4544 N. Lincoln Ave., anytime during open hours. Feel free to email [email protected] or call (773) 751-3398 with any questions not addressed below.

Reserving a Rental Instrument
You’ll reserve a rental instrument through this portal. On the main page, simply click the picture of the instrument you’d like to rent. Then select a date for the rental to start and click “Reserve Now.” Your rental will be available for pick up on the date you select, and won’t be due back until you’re no longer enrolled in lessons or group classes.
Signing the Contract
After supplying all the required information at checkout, you will be prompted to check the box agreeing to our contract terms. You can click “Terms & Conditions” to review the Rental Agreement.“ After checking the box, click the orange “Place Order” button. Follow the instructions on the following screen to sign the Rental Agreement. You’re required to upload a digital signature before you can pick up your rental instrument.
Simple and Secure Monthly Payments
All rentals are $33/month ($25/month for kids’ guitars), securely auto-debited from your card each month. Payments are handled online, through this portal. You’ll provide your card and billing information at checkout when reserving your instrument, and your first payment will be charged on the start date you selected. You must keep a valid card on file in order to rent from the Old Town School Music Store.

Billing cycles start on the same calendar date as your selected start date. For example, if your banjo rental reservation starts on May 7th, $33 will be charged on that date when you pick up the banjo, and then auto-debited on June 7th, July 7th, etc. until the instrument is returned. The latest date you could return your banjo would be the 6th of any given month, before you are charged the full rate of $33 for the following month.
In the rare event of a failed auto-debit, renter will be immediately notified and prompted to update their payment information, and auto-debit will be reattempted daily for a 7-day grace period. After this 7-day grace period, a $15/week late fee will be assessed from renter's card on file upon return of instrument. If instrument is returned within 7-day grace period following failed auto-debit, no $15 late fee will be assessed.
Available Rental Instruments for Old Town School students:
Kids' Violin Rentals:
While we have many of the books, shoulder sponges, rosin, and replacement strings that are needed for Kids' Fiddle classes in the Old Town School Music Store, we do not rent fiddles smaller than a full 4/4 size. However, the following folks rent violins and will help with sizing and pricing (scholarships sometimes available):
Wargaski Violins, 1705 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 — 773-426-7531 (Rental Partner)
A440 Violin Shop, 2222 West Roscoe, Chicago, IL 60618 — 773-348-4949
Seman Violins, 4447 Oakton Street, Skokie, IL 60076 — 847-674-0690
Accordion rentals:
We suggest renting accordions from Romagnoli Accordions, 5510 W 95th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453 — (708) 422-2992
Old Town School Rental FAQs:
Can I apply my rental fees toward the purchase of a new instrument?
Yes! 60% of up to your first four monthly rental payments may be applied toward purchase of a new instrument of the same type upon return of rental instrument. For example, if an acoustic guitar has been rented for six months, upon return, 60% of only the first four $33 monthly payments (approximately $80) may be applied towards purchase of a new acoustic guitar from our current inventory.
How do I tune my rental instrument?
Tuning your instrument will be among the first skills you'll learn in class. An inexpensive digital tuner may be purchased in-store at time of rental pick-up, or anytime at oldtownschool.store.
What if I break a string?
We make sure our rentals are ready to go, in good condition with strings that will last the duration of your class, but it’s common for strings to snap anyway. If anything is malfunctioning on your instrument, just swing by the store and we’ll get it fixed. We can usually replace a single string while you wait!
What if I break something bigger?
Damage that doesn’t arise from normal wear-and-tear is your financial responsibility for the duration of the contract. But don't fret (you'll get that joke later), almost anything can be fixed! We understand that accidents happen and will work with you if anything unfortunate should happen to your rental instrument.
Other questions?
We're here to help! Please feel free to send an email to [email protected], call (773) 751-3398, or stop by our 4544 N. Lincoln Ave. storefront anytime during open hours.